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August 21, 2007

iPhone Database Details

I’m a digital (as well as physical) packrat. I have all my emails going back to 1994, most of the documents I’ve created in that time (as many as allowed by my previous employers) and a whole collection of IMs. The text messaging on my phone has always been a missing bit of data - until now there’s been no good way to get it off of my phone.

As details have emerged on the iPhone’s internal data structures, I realized that there might be a chance to extract those text messages and archive them offline. Also looks like voicemails can be archived in a similar fashion. I’m almost ready to share the utility with the world, but until then I thought I’d share my iPhone database structure notes. For those geeks interested in such matters, click through to the extended entry. (Thanks to Erica Sadun for porting sqlite3 to the iPhone - made this whole thing much easier)

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