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February 1, 2005


February is a rather unique month. Not only does it change its length every few years, but it also has the fewest number of days of all the months in a given year. In addition, it has two valid pronunciations (courtesy

“Usage Note: Although the variant pronunciation (feb-yoo-ary) is often censured because it doesn’t reflect the spelling of the word, it is quite common in educated speech and is generally considered acceptable. The loss of the first r in this pronunciation can be accounted for by the phonological process known as dissimilation, by which similar sounds in a word tend to become less similar. In the case of February, the loss of the first r is also owing to the influence of January, which has only one r.”

Like many months, February’s name comes from Latin, Februarius mensis or “month of Februa”. Februa, or Februalia, was a month-long festival celebrating the god of purification, Februus. Homes were cleaned and blessed, offerings of reparation were given and peace was made. (A perfect thing to do as the winter months wind down, don’t you think?) Februus and his festival became so important to the Romans that eventually they named a month after him.

Although my research isn’t quite clear on this, eventually you get around to some of Februus becoming associated with the god Pluto, ruler of the Underworld, and other parts become identified with Juno Februa, the goddess of fertility and passion. The same festival continues, tho, celebrating Juno Februa. Years later, the early Catholic Church comes up with Saint Valentine’s Day in an attempt to bring all of the pagan festivals and celebrations under Catholic control.

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, and we all understand (sorta) how we got to February being about love, why am I posting about it?

I’m gonna try something that has been percolating in the back of my mind since December. From the first time I told a girl she liked me (I “dropped” a note to her during pass time in second grade…she laughed at me and made fun of me with her friends) to when I got married (and later divorced) I’ve collected a number of experiences I’m going to share this month. Some will be celebratory, some lessons to learn, some will simply be amusing stories. I hope that everyone will enjoy them (and share their comment-love!)

Considering I’ve already used February 1st for this post…and there are 27 days left this year, I’m gonna try to up the ante a bit. Considering there is 26 letters in the alphabet…that leaves one letter, per day, with the final summary post being featured on the 28th. Brilliant! Stay turned for tomorrow…

February 2, 2005

Feb "A"

[Sorry about this late posting…pulled an all-nighter at work last night, spent most of today recovering]

ACCEPTANCE (and forgiveness)

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February 3, 2005

Feb "B"


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February 4, 2005

Feb "C"


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February 5, 2005

Feb "D"


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February 6, 2005

Feb "E"

[Sorry about this MAJORLY late posting…a combination of work and lack of inspiration contributed to the delay!]


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February 7, 2005

Feb "F"

[This entry was going to be about FAILURE, since it is now the 21st and I’m two weeks behind. I’ve only had a few spare moments over the past two weeks, limited mostly by my obscenely busy work schedule. Now that work has mostly calmed down (project done, customers happy, OK!) and I’m actually enjoying a night at home for the first time in a week, I think I will attempt to complete the task I set forth upon at the beginning of the month. The posts may not be timely, but they will be here for the sake of completeness.]


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March 2, 2005

Grade "F"

Well, I can’t really give myself passing marks for the February Project I set out on at the beginning of the month. I only made it up to the letter F, and that post didn’t even make it online until the 21st of the month.

A lack of planning was the primary issue I ran into while trying to keep up with the entries. While I had come up with the subjects for a few of the entries (of which “M”, “S”, “T” and “X” never made it online), I didn’t write any of the entries in advance. I didn’t think this would be much of an issue, considering I usually write about an entry a day. I didn’t take into consideration that my daily entries are usually far less structured than the February Project would require.

Writing up some of the entries in advance also would have been a good idea considering we had a gigantic project at work this month. Although the workload was heavy almost the entire month, February 16th - 23rd were so heavy I hardly had time to sleep:

  • Wed 16th: 7:30am - 6pm, 11pm - 4am
  • Thurs 17th: 9am - 6pm
  • Fri 18th: 9am - 6pm
  • Sat 19th: 1am - 4am, 9am - Sun 7am
  • Sun 20th: 2pm - 5pm, 8pm - 11pm
  • Mon 21st: 6am - 6pm
  • Tues 22nd: 9am - 6pm
  • Wed 23rd: 9am - 5pm

Before things got all crazy on me, I certainly did enjoy being able to get some of my thoughts written up on the site for others to react to, both privately and publicly. Maybe next year I’ll attempt the same thing, only plan things out a bit more in advance.

So, for now, back to the simple blogging I am used to doing (and love so!) and which I missed so much during February.

February 12, 2006

Opening Question 1, for 14095 Points!

Every year the Saint Cloud State Student Radio Station, KVSC, organizes a 50-hour long trivia contest. I had wanted to play for the past 4-5 years…only I’d realize this when I heard the winners announced every year. This year, I got to join the team “Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women” since Kate, my biking buddy, has been a member of the team for years. They run an amazing organization, have a great playbook (which I’ve been sworn to secrecy not to reveal!) with all kinds of great strategies proved over their many, many years of playing the trivia game. I had been looking forward to the contest for over 8 months since I first met Kate and found out she played…

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February 19, 2006

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Miss Your Flight

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6 hours after I arrive home with the first carload from the Trivia weekend teardown, I awaken; to find out I had overslept. (Gosh, what are the odds of that, operating on 7 hours of sleep over the weekend!?) I rush to unload the front seat up to my apartment, drop off all 10 monitors at work and then head back up to Saint Cloud to collect everything else. When I pull in, everyone knew I was in a hurry to make the flight, so they all chipped in, helped load me up and within 15 minutes, I was leaving the PigPen again with a full car. I drop off a bunch of stuff at Kelly’s house, pick up her and her bags, then sprint back down to the cities. A quick repacking once I arrived home (less than 10 minutes) and my coworker, Theresa, picks us up and delivers us to the airport with almost exactly an hour to check-in, check our bags, pass security and rush down to the gate. Of course, one of our bags is overweight, so we had to move stuff around, only delaying our progress.

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February 28, 2006

I Thought I Could Relax Once I Made It Back Safely To Work!

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The true sign of managing your job at work, at least to me, is that when I’m gone on vacation I don’t come back to piles of work that built-up while I was on vacation. Otherwise, vacation time is really just “delay time”. I was generally pleased, other than a few projects/tasks I knew were going to be waiting for me once I got back, I wasn’t deluged. Of course, that didn’t mean that the first week back would be a cakewalk. Nope, of course, a huge proposal needs to be sent off by the end of the week, tying up a huge portion of my days (and some nights).

Things haven’t really slowed down since then, underscored by the fact that on the night of February 28th, as if it was February’s way of giving me a send-off, I end up going out after work for an absolutely wonderful dinner, only to be called back to work at 10pm. Working until 4:30am the next morning, and having to be back into the office by 9am, it certainly was a long final day of the month. Made me wish I could create a leap-year-on-demand!

Another Busy February?

It is funny. Last year I had this great February project planned, but wasn’t able to carry it out because, for the most part, I was way too busy.

This year I was even busier than last year, strange as that might be. I wonder what it is about February…it doesn’t seem like it would be a busy month, especially here in Minnesota, considering it is the dead of winter.

The month started out with a mad rush and many, many trips up to Saint Cloud for the annual KVSC 50-hour Trivia Contest. Then it was off to Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation. Back home, back to work, busy busy busy, culminating in a action-packed February 28th.

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