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Cyborg Grandpa

My Grandpa had surgery today to install a defibrillator.

Prior to surgery, he shared with me a pamphlet that explained the procedure, what to expect, etc. We shared with each other our amazement of modern medical science, how they had created a device like this that could be implanted and hardly noticed. After the procedure, the pamphlet explained there would be an overnight stay, that he would be sore and tired after the procedure.

I head over to the hospital after work today, walk into the “Care Center” section (post-op recovery) expecting to find my Grandpa laying in his hospital bed. Instead, I find my Grandpa sitting up on the edge of the bed, chowin’ down on some great-smelling food, alive, awake, alert, discussing politics with my Sister and Brother-in-law. Four hours after surgery, he’s bouncing around as tho he was ready to go on one of his daily 2-mile walks around the mall.

He’s not only alive upstairs, as I’ve mentioned before, again and again, but his awake, alive mind evidently leads to a very healthy body as well. Or maybe it is the other way around. (He does walk 2 miles everyday) Either way, having my Grandpa around is a great inspiration to live life.


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