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Life Continues...

Now that all the work associated with this year’s KVSC Trivia Contest is behind me, it has been a busy week getting back into life. Trivia takes quite a toll, weeks of preparation, multiple trips up to Saint Cloud, weekends consumed with setup, nights consumed with computer imaging/building. That’s all over now…

‘course, coming back to work on Tuesday, I spent the first day and a half just getting caught up with everything that happened while I was gone. (I was gone for 2.5 days, keep in mind, but at the speed we’re moving chasing new business that was like 2.5 weeks) Carbon Leaf concert on Tuesday night, which rocked as always, then all the excitement over Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Tonight I worked late, finishing up a project, then came home and finished my self-review around 11pm. (It was due at midnight)

This weekend? Sister’s birthday celebrations, need to go test ride the two options for my new recumbent bike, some much needed laundry and rest, I think. The chances that each of those will really happen? 100% on the first, 60% on the second, 50% on the third, 10% on the fourth.

Aren’t we Minnesotans supposed to stay inside, huddled around the TV during the winter months, only to emerge once the world thaws out? How can I be so busy!?!?


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