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Things I Wish I Could Invent

(I’m open to others doing the inventing/creating…but then let me buy it!)

  • An inkjet cartridge replacement that printed chocolate instead of ink. Can you imagine printing a message to your sweetie in chocolate? It also could be used as an anti-spy device… if you fall into enemy hands, just shove the document into your pocket. Muahahaha!
  • A chair that would measure your foot-to-knee length and thigh length as you approached it and then adjust its own depth/height to match your measurements exactly for a perfect fit. I could also use this option on a couch. Nothing is worse than sitting in a chair that doesn’t come close to supporting your legs, or forces you to stick your legs out at 45 degree angles just so that your thighs are supported and your feet are resting on the ground.
  • I want an option on my programmable thermostat that allows me to “override” the program one-time if I know I’m going to be going out for the evening, or if I’ll be coming home early. My schedule varies quite a bit every week, some nights I’m out late, some nights I’m in early. Regardless, usually when I leave in the morning I know when I’m going to return. Allow me to tell the thermostat, “Override your default programming for this evening, I won’t be coming home until 11pm, don’t bother heating up the house until then.”

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A robot like Rosie from the Jetsons who will do my bidding (tea fetching, bed making, etc.)


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