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I Need a Muse Like Suzanne Verdal

How did I get through life this far without encountering “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen before now?

Thankfully the DJs at 89.3 The Current got my back. This is one amazing poem/song. The only words that come to mind… “Haunting Love”

…You can spend the night beside her
And you know that she’s half crazy
But that’s why you want to be there…

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Be careful! Leonard Cohen can totally wreck you. Seriously. He's the man who originally penned 'Hallelujah.' Check out 'Dress Rehearsal Rag' and 'Dance me to the end of love.'

Yeah, someone I know gave me "Dance Me To The End Of Love" a few years ago, I've cherished it ever since. I picked up "Hallelujah" when I was going around collecting all the versions of the song I could get my hands on after hearing the Jeff Buckley version, which I have to say still is my favorite. (Sorry Leonard, thanks for penning it nonetheless)

But this Suzanne...DAMN! YUM!


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