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No Blanket Immunity...

You know those studies that claim that the more optimistic you are, the less likely you are to get sick? Well, I’m often held up as the poster boy around work. I’m hardly ever sick…and when I do get sick, my body usually forces me to bed early and the next morning I’m up and ready to go.

Evidently, I must have been really pessimistic sometime in the past week, or this must be one helluva bug. In either event, I felt the throat tickling on Friday night, by 3pm on Saturday I’m fully loaded on Nyquil (the real Pseudoephedrine kind, not the wimpy Phenylephrine formula) and popping Luden’s like they are going out of style. Nose blowing commenced shortly thereafter, then the deep cough and then the inevitable runny nose. Sunday night I’m beginning to feel better, but after a night filled with more awake time than sleepytime, I gave into the cold’s power and called into work sick today.

Having nothing better to do, my mind came to a few revelations today…

  • I was right for hoarding the Pseudoephedrine Nyquil. The Phenylephrine Nyquil doesn’t touch me. Go read the article over at Wikipedia on Phenylephrine, notably the passage, “Several studies suggests that the 10 mg dose of phenylephrine used as a substitute for pseudoephedrine is no more effective than a placebo.” No matter how sick you are, it is totally worth it to wait in line to get the behind-the-counter stuff! Damn you methheads!
  • Being home sick is incredibly boring. Even tho I slept a good deal of the day away, there just aren’t enough short-attention-span activities to do around the house. Sure, I’ve got plenty of projects I could work on, but who has the energy for such things when you’re sitting around blowing your nose into kleenex after kleenex every 15 minutes. Even the Tivo couldn’t save me; it was strangely devoid of any entertaining programming.
  • Programmable thermostats should know when you’re sick and not try and save energy. I awoke around noon, realizing I needed some liquids in my body, only to realize it was ice cold outside the down comforter. Brrrrrrr!
  • I’ve always been a fan of lucid dreaming… I will say one good thing about only sleeping 1.5 - 2 hours at a time is that it is really easy to dream lucidly. I had a lot of fun in dreamland today… beat what was on the Tivo. If you’re reading this, you were prbly featured in at least one dream. I’ll refrain from listing everyone’s roles, tho.

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Awww come-on! How are you going to inform people that you had dreams about them, an then not let them in on what their role was? Personally I think you should share!

Hope you feel better soon!


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