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Bye Bye Beetle, Hello Honda

I had been looking quite a bit over the past few months at different vehicle options. My current ride, the 2000 Blue VW Turbo Beetle, had treated me well but was definitely aging around the edges. I will forgo the laundry list out of respect for its years of service - suffice to say it had 130,000 miles on it and was beginning to show it.

What would replace it? I had been looking at such disparate choices as the Honda Element, Pontiac Solstice, Scion xB, Pontiac G6, Nissan Maxima and Chevrolet SSR. I wanted something under 30k, with a good selection of comfort features, flexibility for hauling people and equipment (bikes) and wouldn’t sacrifice too much in terms of economy from my current Beetle.

I thought I had narrowed it down to the Element, which while it didn’t enjoy as many creature comforts, definitely won in the hauling category. I could always add the creature comforts after-market that I desired. That was, until I went and test drove a current 2007 model year Element and realized they had moved the seat belt mount from the door frame to the seatback.

The change of the seat belt mount became a deal breaker. A big guy like me doesn’t like seatback mounts…they tend to cut into my neck and rub making for a very uncomfortable ride. (Or, I’d have to change all my shirts to be turtlenecks)

So, my sales guy at the Honda dealer suggested I take another look at the new 2007 Honda CR-V. It didn’t quite have as much of the “ruggedness” that the Element had, but that wasn’t an entirely bad thing, either. Plusher seats, more comfortable ride, better creature comforts.

The only hitch - I’ve had leather seats in two of my previous cars, I find myself preferring cloth most of the time…the only problem was that heated seats were not an available option on the non-leather EX level of the Honda CR-V. Minnesota winters make these a necessity, and even longer summer trips are easier when you can let your back relax into a nice heated seatback. I really didn’t need the rest of the luxury “LX” level of the CR-V such as XM Radio, color-coordinated handles/mirrors and a different center console.

Eventually a deal was reached that included after-market seat heaters in an EX level CR-V and all the paperwork was signed. Appointments were made for the heated seat install, keys were exchanged and I was ready to leave.

My sales guy had helpfully pulled the new CR-V and the old Beetle side-by-side to facilitate moving all of the personal contents out of the Beetle and into the CR-V. (I hadn’t gone into the dealer tonight wanting to do the deal tonight, so the Beetle was filled with all sorts of items) We moved everything over; I shook his hand and got into the driver’s seat of the CR-V to pull away. I looked over at my old Beetle, paused for a moment while a tear welled up in my eye, and whispered heartfelt thanks for years of service and a soft goodbye.

[Update: For those playing the home game, it is a Green Tea CR-V, similar to the photo. Totally forgot to mention it. Doh!]

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Congrats! What color did you get?

i love the new cr-v! nice choice!! :)

Doh! I didn't even mentioned the color in the entire article, did I? Well, the photo is correct... they call it "Green Tea", which does seem apt. The interior is "Ivory"...although I'd call it a "Tan".


Green tea? Sounds so very Zen.

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