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Overlooked Songs of 2006

Like the Overlooked Songs of 2005 list I put together last year, I thought it appropriate to once again highlight a number of tracks that didn’t get up in the playcount for one reason or another, and as such didn’t make it on the main Songs of 2006 list. Maybe they got added to my library really late in the year. Maybe I fell in love with the album instead of the tracks, resulting in much lower playcounts for all involved.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of songs that should have been highlighted for the year that didn’t, so I will list ‘em here. Not all of these songs were released this year… in fact, more than a few of them are songs that I rediscovered or finally picked up the long-put-off CD. They were all, however, added to my iTunes library in 2006.

In no particular order…since order doesn’t really matter here at all, everything is arbitrary.

First of MayJonathan Coulton
When I’m 25 or 64Jonathan Coulton
Chiron Beta PrimeJonathan Coulton
Over My Head (Cable Car)The Fray
How To Save A LifeThe Fray
Dive In1Unknown Prophets
Mr. Mainstream1Unknown Prophets
Time To Move Forward1Unknown Prophets
Facts Man2Shake a Hamster Band
Trivia As We Know It2Shake a Hamster Band
Hello3Paul Anka
It’s My Life3Paul Anka
Wonderwall3Paul Anka
Smells Like Teen Spirit3Paul Anka
Eye Of The Tiger3Paul Anka
Jump3Paul Anka
Klaymen’s Theme4Terry S Taylor
Operator Plays A Little Ping Pong4Terry S Taylor
Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gravy, And Peas4Terry S Taylor
Everybody Way Oh!4Terry S Taylor
EasyBarenaked Ladies
Bank JobBarenaked Ladies
HomeBarenaked Ladies
Bull in a China ShopBarenaked Ladies
Maybe You’re RightBarenaked Ladies
Hey Julie5Fountains Of Wayne
Stacy’s Mom5Fountains Of Wayne
iGenerationMC Lars
Space GameMC Lars
White & NerdyWeird Al Yankovic
Don’t Download This SongWeird Al Yankovic
You’re PitifulWeird Al Yankovic
Shoot Your ShotUgly Duckling
Comfort (Acoustic)Carbon Leaf
Living LifeEels
Work It Out (feat Dave Matthews Band)Jurassic 5
Mix Tape = LoveThe Tah Dahs
Free LifeDan Wilson
Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic Version)The Raconteurs
Get FreakyPlay N Skillz Featuring Pitbull
Doin’ It6LL Cool J
North to AlaskaJohnny Horton
Baba O’RileyThe Who
Mr. Bass Man7Johnny Cymbal

1 It pays to listen to the CDs in the sample stations at Cheapo. I hadn’t heard of them at all prior to sampling the CD - it was all I listened to for a good week after I purchased it.

2 These songs celebrate the 50-hour KVSC Trivia contest, which I competed in for the first time in 2006.

3 Who would think, Paul Anka? Blake, one of my coworkers, sent me a link to listen to Paul Anka’s version of “Hello” and I was hooked. Just had to order the album after that.

4 Terry S Taylor wrote the music for the game “The Neverhood”. I loved the game when it came out, played it again this past year. Sneebish got me a copy of the out-of-print soundtrack. Po-ta-toes.

5 I had been putting off getting this CD for a long time…finally picked it up for $2 on eBay. Glad I could join 2003.

6 Another “better late than never” purchase. No way you can’t grove to this song.

7 I’ve been waiting for this song to arrive on iTunes for quite a while. I’ve checked every so many months for the track, it finally came available earlier in 2006. A childhood favorite of mine, really brings back memories of choir practice and listening to old 45’s.


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