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Apple IIgs: Geek Nostalgia

The long version of the back-story will have to wait…but the big news will not. My childhood Apple IIgs and are back together, at last!

Over ten years ago, my Apple IIgs was shutdown, placed into a cardboard box and put in storage. Most of that time it was stored in Twinkie, while it sat in my parents’ driveway. There my Apple IIgs sat, moving through the frost/defrost cycles, heating up in the summer, water leaks from the rain, etc. When I got Twinkie up and running again, I moved the cardboard box into storage.

In my new pad, I’ve configured the second bedroom as a hobby room. The new server is tolerable in terms of sound level, and so with the wire racks my buddy Mike hooked me up with, I’ve got plenty of workspace (and shelf-rack space) to do whatever I’d like.

I configured a special spot of honor for my Apple IIgs. Tonight, I hauled the system in from the garage, did some light cleaning (mostly with a can of air and screen wipes) and powered it up. I was pleased - the only thing that didn’t come up was the power supply on the external hard drive. After a quick power supply swap, the Apple IIgs, as I remember it, came back to life.

Right there, on the desktop, must have been the last thing I typed up on the old system; a letter I wrote to my high school sweetheart after she broke my heart. After reading that, and realizing just how silly I was back then, I spent the remainder of the evening playing two of my oldest favorite games, Arkanoid II and Task Force.

Funny thing is… I don’t remember either of them moving as fast as they do now! Damn aging reflexes!

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Yeehaw! I am so happy...sounds like love!!!


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