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Why I'll Never Be Backwards

The fact that my name, backwards, spells “Nomad” has always fascinated me. At times, I’ve taken it to mean that I’m destined to stay in one place. This past month has only reinforced that idea.

I’m not meant to be nomadic. Damonic, maybe, but never nomadic. I’ve simply have too much stuff to fit on the camel and/or horse. I filled up a 16’ moving truck once, four round trips with a full Twinkie, 3 round trips with a full minivan. That’s easily the equivalent of a 24’ moving van, I’m sure. Sure, maybe the Trojan horse would fit all my stuff, but that’s the only horse that would do!

Everything is finally done, tho. Keys are handed over to the old apartment manager. My final walk-thru is completed. My multitudes of things are in my new place, either packed in the garage awaiting the decision as to their final destination (trash/storage/give-away/placement inside the new pad) or have already met their fate.

Some words of wisdom:

  • Don’t buy a king-size bed until you’re done moving for a while. We would have been hoisting it through the upstairs window ‘cept the two-story living room made the process a tiny bit easier.
  • When moving said king-size bed, find yourself an old queen-size sheet (or, I suppose, a worn-out king size) and wrap up the king-size mattress with it like a diaper. Not only do you get a handle on each side, but you can slide it down hallways with no worries about damaging the mattress itself.
  • When you make your list of “must-have” things to sleep the night at the new place, shower in the morning and get dressed to go to work, remember the shower curtain.
  • Rubbermaid utility carts you borrow from work make great sofa moving aids.
  • CDs are heavier than they look - don’t fill up a complete box and expect it to stay in one piece.

Overall, the move went great. I’m glad it is done, for sure. Now the real fun begins…can I get my second garage stall emptied of boxes before first snow…?

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As George Carlton once said "we buy a house, fill it with things and when the house is overfull with things, we buy a bigger house and so on and so on...


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