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Mine, All Mine!

Remember when I was crowin’ about my Beetle passing 100000 miles? Well, another Beetle milestone was passed today…the last payment on the loan for the Beetle cleared my account. It is now 100% mine! Yay!

‘course, for the first few months the amount otherwise submitted as payment will be used to fix some of the issues I’ve been putting off, for a while now, getting fixed. New timing belt, new window rocker switches, new driver’s side window washer jet nozzle. Other than the timing belt, all little things I’ve just been putting off that, if fixed, would really make the Beetle more than comfortable to drive for another year or so. After that, I’ll continue to make my “payments” to my auxilliary savings account, where it can accumulate so that the next car I buy I only need to take out a 3 or 4 year loan.

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Wow....I remember when you picked up that car. It doesn't seem like so long ago!!!

yeah, the payments may be done, but now come the expenses. But hey, kickball is only a few months away! :O)


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