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Link Love

Some web entities that I wanna send some link love to:

  • TikiBar TV: TikiBar TV deserves to be on your podcast subscription list. Even if you don’t know or care about podcasting, visit this site often to watch their hilarious videos. I can’t get enough of ‘em. Amazingly high production values for a podcast…only a matter of time until they get picked up by some enterprising broadcast/cable network.
  • Nyssa J Brown: Nyssa did me a great favor a few days ago, even tho she had never known of me prior to me asking her for the favor and being half a world away. Until her website comes back online, go give her some love on her deviantART site.
  • Dictionaraoke.org: Imagine midi files, mixed with vocals provided by online dictionary pronounciation samples. This is hilarious! I can’t stop listening…like a car crash, you gotta look!
  • Team Boobylicious: Wendy and her 3-Day Breast Cancer walk are at it again…this time, homemade chocolate truffles, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t like chocolate, you can always directly donate to her cause here… Go support boobies again!
  • Jean’s ‘Walk To Cure Diabetes’ Effort: My good friend, Jean, is walking this weekend for an 8 year-old boy with type 1 diabetes. No team action here - she’s doin’ it all on her own.


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