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Brain: Full

**Warning: This self-reflective diary-type post is intentionally vague. Those that know why know why, those that don’t know but care can feel free to ask.

The past few weeks here have been filled with all kinds of wonder. Coming off a very enjoyable holiday season, events transpired to complicate life in a big way. Not entirely unexpected, but definitely unexpected in their magnitude and scope. I’m excited about it, tho, and I think the changes that have been set in motion will be a good thing, especially in the long run.

My brain has been working overtime for the past few weeks, tho, thus the “Full” indicator above. Lots of things to process…my dreams have been absolutely cray-ZEE! Popular wisdom says that we don’t use almost 90% of our minds…I’m sure I’ve been using more than 10% for the past few months now, but in the past few weeks I feel like my brain’s landscape has been in the middle of transformation similar to that occurring in today’s downtown Beijing. Construction everywhere, old buildings being demolished, new, tall skyscrapers being erected with all their steel scaffolding. Buildings empty for now, structures waiting to be filled. An air of opportunity envelops the downtown of my mind. I can’t wait for the new ideas to move in, fill up all those structures and take up shop.

I haven’t felt like this in years…I’ve missed it. I’m not content with static life…give me change, opportunity and experience.


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