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Overlooked Songs of 2005

I’ve been reflecting on the Songs of 2005 list I put together based on the automated iTunes libary data. The thing is, while using the new year as a measuring point is useful, it completely overlooks a number of great songs I listened to over time. Sometimes, I only obtained the song near the end of the year, so whle it was on heavy rotation it didn’t have a chance to build up a high enough play count to appear on the list. Other songs get penalized because they are a non-workout song released during the summer months, when I’m mostly listening to upbeat groovy music.

Regardless of the reason, I put together another playlist this year called “Overlooked Songs of 2005”. There’s a number of great tracks in this list…and very little fat, as this play list was hand-selected by a team of specially trained monkeys. (OK, so there was only one monkey, me, and I have very little training in this regard!)


The GamblerMike Doughty
BloomingtonOld 97’s
Money FolderMadvillain
Stranded In The JungleThe New York Dolls
Banjo BoyRyan Shupe & The Rubber Band
Carolyn’s BootyThe Presidents Of The United States
This Is LoveSelf
Coin-Operated BoyThe Dresden Dolls
Number One SpotLudacris
No ChildrenThe Mountain Goats
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie KiloThe Bloodhound Gang
Pimpin’ All Over The WorldLudacris & Bobby V.
Pon de Replay (Radio Edit)Rihanna
Out Of ControlShe Wants Revenge
Si, PalomaSun Kil Moon
L.T.W.T.M.SThe Trouble With Sweeny
The Sound Of SettlingDeath Cab for Cutie
Girl AnachronismThe Dresden Dolls
Still Making BabiesSomething To Do
Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)Eels
Taylor, The Latte BoyKristin Chenoweth
Mao Tse Tung SaidAlabama 3
Donating To ScienceSelf
Dry Your EyesThe Streets
SwitchWill Smith
Common PeopleWilliam Shatner featuring Ben Folds
Hip Hop Thighs #17Ike Reilly
Brighter Than SunshineAqualung
A Good Man Is Easy To KillBeulah
Son’s Gonna RiseCitizen Cope
OceansideThe Decemberists
All My Little WordsThe Magnetic Fields
Catch My DiseaseBen Lee
Feel Like Making LoveKyrsten
It’s A HitRilo Kiley
A.T.H.F.Danger Doom
Theme For An Anonymous WaitressMartin Devaney
Better Than AliensSelf

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Shawn Whithaus:

I Think that I Pods are Awsome to have!!!!


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