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My new cell phone came with a 1-megapixel camera, takes great pictures, saves me from having to carry around a camera for those “candid” shots I want to capture as I wander through life.

A great convenience, but I think I wouldn’t have missed it if I hadn’t gotten it. However, the new service, ScanR, is the killer app for cell phone cameras.

  • Say you’re finishing a meeting; a whiteboard of notes sits in front of you that you would normally have to scribble down into a notebook. Instead, just take a picture with a one megapixel (or greater) cell phone, send it to the service and a few moments later you have a PDF file of the whiteboard sitting in your inbox.
  • Next, you’re at a cocktail party. You’ve just been introduced to someone you might want to do business with, but you’re worried about leaving his business card in your shirt pocket ‘cause you always forget to empty it before you send your shirt off to the cleaners. Instead, snap a photo of the business card with your cell phone, send it into ScanR and a PDF of the business card will be waiting for you first thing Monday morning.
  • Finally, you’re in the library researching a quote. You finally find the quote, but you can’t check out the reference material. Instead of copying it down into your notebook, just snap a photo of the book’s page and send it into the service. Once again, you’ll find it in your inbox.

The best thing about all this? You can optionally give the service a different email address, or even a fax machine number and they will transmit the resulting PDF to those destinations as well.

As a whiteboard user, visual thinker, I just know my love affair with this service will continue, even after they eventually get around to charging for it. For now, feel free to try it - you’ll love it.


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