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Keep On Beetle'n

Picture of 100000 Mile Odometer Tonight, as the clock rolled into the new day, another milestone was passed - my 2000 VW Beetle official went into 6-digits territory as its odometer passed 99999 and turned to 100000.

Now, I know automobiles roll past 100000 all the time, but just because we all have birthdays doesn’t mean there’s no need for celebration.

I got my current Beetle almost 5 years ago (right about the time the odometer moved into warranty-free land tonight the 4th-to-the-last payment came out of my account) after my first Beetle, a 1998, got smooshed when it was dragged into a snowbank by a flatbed semi-truck. I made a deal with the dealer to trade-in the broken remainder of my first Beetle and trade me for a faster (turbo) model with all of the options I wanted on my original (but didn’t want enough to spend more time on the waiting list).

100000 miles and overall, I’m pleased with my choice. Had my fair share of issues, yes, but nothing that has been a showstopper. Even when the cooling system had a problem, it managed to hold out long enough for me to get it to the dealer without too much fuss.

Hopefully, the little German engineers thought as much about the second 100000 miles as they did about the first.


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