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A Competitive Giant?

A quick aside/story related to the wedding reception I attended on Saturday.

Towards the end of the reception, but before the dancing really got going, the DJ of the evening’s festivities put together a little game. The instructions were:

“Choose one participant from your table who you consider to be the most athletic and send them up to the center of the dance floor.”

Davin, my Bro-In-Law, was elected by our table and took his seat. However, when the chairs didn’t fill up as expected, someone in the crowd suggested that I take a chair and participate in the game, which I did.

The game was a simple treasure hunt/musical chairs hybrid game, where the participants would be assigned an object to collect from someone in the room. While they were away from the chairs, the DJ would remove one chair from the group - the last person to return would be without a seat, and would be removed from the game. The tasks involved things like lipstick, high-heeled shoes, bridesmaids, groomsmen and finally, a square of toilet paper from the nearest bathroom.

I found myself in the final round of the game, when it had come down to this obviously very fit, cool guy, myself and this final task of obtaining human waste wipes. (How did I know the cool guy was cool? In the dim room, he was STILL wearing his sunglasses!) When the assignment was disclosed, we pushed our way through the crowd that had formed in the doorway between the dance floor and the bathrooms. I got into the bathroom first, but for some reason went into the farthest stall to retrieve my toilet paper. As I turned and sprinted back out of the bathroom, my opponent was just in front of me. I had to get in front of him; otherwise, I knew I had no chance.

When he stopped to pull open the door, I figured out a way I could use my weight to my advantage. I wrapped my arms around his waist, lifted him off the ground, spun him around behind me, dropped him to the floor and tore away towards the final remaining chair. As soon as he realized he had lost his footing, he tried to claw his way first out of my arms, but secondly by trying to hold me back, so he could slip back into the lead.

I kept him behind me the entire way to the chair by using my wonderful biking legs/sprinting. By the time I got to the chair, I knew I couldn’t slow down and sit on it without him using my momentum and his to push me off of it - instead I grabbed the chair in my hand, spun it around about 180 degrees while I did the same with my body, leaving my opponent to overshoot into the crowd. Once I knew I could safely sit on the chair without interference, I did, thereby winning the game. Prize for all this effort? Fame and admiration. (They didn’t like my idea that I should get to pick one gift for myself off the gift table)

I actually came out of the game with scratches and bruises…bit it was all worthwhile. They’ve finally started to heal…the bruising is nearly gone, the scratches are slowly healing. Besides the admiration of everyone I talked with for the remainder of the night, my mom’s comment was the best of all: “I had no idea you were so competitive!” Guess one doesn’t often suspect there’s a competitor hidden away under the seemingly peaceful and gentle giant. Muhahahah!

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That is hysterical...and some of us do know you have that competitive side. :-P


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