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Wanna Catch Up? Pull Up A Chair!

Things have finally calmed down, whew!

Monday night I took one complete night for myself. Cooked up some party pizzas, listened to music, did a crossword puzzle, read a bit, napped a bit. Absolutely beautiful in contrast to the hectic schedule I had kept up for the past few weeks. Tuesday, I biked to/from work, even tho the ride home at 11pm was absolutely bone chilling. Tonight was dinner at Buca and some computer shopping with a friend, very relaxed.

Ah, but Damon’s relaxation doesn’t make for good reading you say? Well, lemme tell you about this past weekend then…

I should start at the beginning, Friday night. It started off with some hot Minnesota RollerGirls action, ringside. A few skaters got bumped/fell outside the track and into my lap, and left me with one or two light bruises…but being up-close, near the action, was incredible. The only thing I didn’t care for…at what age do adults lose the ability to sit cross-legged-style at rest for long periods of time? It seemed that I had to stretch out/move my legs about once every 5 minutes while sitting there on the ground, else they would fall asleep and I’d be stuck with pins and needles next time I moved it. I remember being able to sit for a long, long time that way as a child…hrm…

Saturday, I rushed out early in the morning to find a new outfit to wear to the family wedding scheduled later that same day. After about an hour of walking through the local Big ‘n Tall store I finally found the perfect shirt, and picked up a new pair of pants to go with it. Just enough time to swing home, throw them in the wash, get them wet and then dried; only to find out they needed to be ironed because they weren’t wrinkle-resistant. Amazing how we all just assume these things nowadays.

The Saturday afternoon wedding was wonderful. Tom, the son of my father’s 2nd cousin (not quite sure what that makes him, but considering I’ve spent nearly every 4th of July with him and his family for the past 15 years it has never quite seemed that titles were all that important) was getting married to a wonderful woman, Jessica. She’s about 4 inches taller than he is, but he is about 4 inches wider around than she is, so it all balances out. (Supposedly, it took him asking her out 29 times before she finally accepted his offer, all because he was “too short” for her.)

Anyway, the reception and dance were equally as enjoyable…we had assigned seats, but considering most of us in the family were assigned to the same table, it made the reception more of a reunion than anything else. I got to talk to my dad’s cousin, also a biking enthusiast, whom my dad and I had run into on our first Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour. I explained I had kept my eye open for him this year, but didn’t see him. Seems we had missed each other, considering that he had attended after all. We talked about doing some rides together next year, perhaps even riding together the Ironman Bike Ride I had rode alone this year, and maybe a few other rides such as his favorite, the Minnesota MS 150. It would be nice to have yet another partner (besides Kate and/or Tim, who I had met on the Tour Of Saints) that I could ride with on these things.

Another thing happened at the reception which was worthy of mention. So much so, it deserves its own post: Click here to read how this gentle giant isn’t all that gentle

Saturday night, after the reception, I planned a trip to the Brave New Workshop for my Sister and Bro-In-Law, both of whom had come into town for the wedding. I knew that they would appreciate all of the political humor the show included. (All of the jabs at Texas didn’t hurt, either!) It was wonderful to share that kind of show with them…reminded me of just how well we all got along together. Guess some things never change.

Sunday was taken up with a boat trip on the Saint Croix River, to both enjoy the changing colors and give the Durand Family some time to chit-chat before my Sister and Bro-In-Law returned home. We decided to go on a Sunday Jazz ride put on by the Saint Croix Boat & Packet Company. The food was delicious, the music a wonderful side dish, the weather perfect, and although the colors weren’t quite peaked yet, they were close enough to provide many beautiful views.

The ride came to a close way too soon, meaning it was time to say goodbye to my Sister and Bro-In-Law. They’ll be back for Christmas this year, tho, which always makes for an excellent holiday season.


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