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M y Ke y boa rd!

So, a few weeks after I got my new Dell I noticed the backlight wasn’t balanced appropriately. I emailed their support with a URL pointing to some pictures I had taken of the issue. A few hours later, I received a note back explaining that I would need to send my laptop back for repair. I had figured they could just send me a new screen and I could do the swap myself. Because of the 5 day turnaround, I never really took them up on the offer. (The backlight would balance after a few minutes of warming up)

That was almost a year ago. About 3 weeks ago my spacebar started sticking when I’d type. I removed the key cover, thinking that something had been jamming it, only to find that the little metal clips the plastic key springs fit into were bent/missing. I reassembled the spacebar as best I could, but it sat forever more at an akward angle and stuck down about 3 seconds between keypresses. Finally, a few days ago the spacebar stuck down and has been stuck down no matter what I do. Now there’s no travel at all…brush your thumb against the spacebar and you get a random number of spaces.

So, now I cannot put off service, back off to Dell my D800 will go. Now I have to figure out some time I can do without it for a few days…too bad I don’t have a vacation coming up or anything like that. Hrm…until then, please excuse any additional spaces you might see…


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