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Some Notes For Googlers


Over the past week I’ve setup two different heavy-iron machines (or, at least they were when they were initially purchased) with FreeBSD. Uncharacteristically, I’ve run into a few issues I thought I’d share so that others will not waste all the time I have troubleshooting, since this post will inevitably make its way into Google’s index.

In almost every buildworld I’ve ever done over the past few years, it has almost always ended with some sendmail files being compiled/copied around. Running with large -j values, it is possible to have the last lines of output on your screen be for texinfo. Don’t be alarmed, as long as you don’t run into error messages at the end, everything did compile properly. But, if, like me, you’ve got some SENDMAIL entries in your make.conf file which don’t really exist (if you’ve just copied the make.conf from another server, perhaps?) you will see the texinfo entries, then a bunch of error lines. It didn’t error out in texinfo, it errored out trying to compile/copy around the correct sendmail files. You can see this if you run the buildworld w/o a -j flag…but you can go through a bunch of teeth-gnashing before then!

Secondly, if you like to trim kernel and userland like I do, you may run into this situation as well. If you use the NO_USB make flag, and you remove all the USB device information from your kernel file, but you leave the usbd_enable entry in rc.conf set to YES then your kernel may crash upon startup. It won’t look like it crashed doing USB stuff, tho…and you may spend a lot of time tracking down error messages related to your PERC/3DI controller, but trust me, the problem is with the silly defaulted USB “YES” entry in rc.conf.

Had I read these two entries earlier this week, it would have saved me a lot of time. Hopefully this information will save someone else a bit of time in the future.


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