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My Week

  • Monday was spent giving my ankle time to recover. It seemed to do the job…Tuesday I took it easy, avoiding stairs by riding the elevator in the apartment building…by Wednesday morning I woke up with no pain or stiffness at all. During the moving on Wednesday night, I stressed it out a bit, but this morning (Thursday) it still seems fine.
  • Tuesday was a busy day at work in the morning, but by afternoon, it had calmed down a little. Dropped the bike off at Erik’s to get the loaner freewheel replaced with a new part and get the new chainrings installed to increase the gearing. Then it was off to trivia for the evening, then driving home I noticed I had a quarter tank of gas remaining and felt kinda guilty about filling up, considering I didn’t really need it yet.
  • Wednesday I had lunch with Sneebish, dropped off coworker New Theresa at the airport for her long-distance booty call and then over to Incense’s apartment to help her move. To her credit, almost everything was boxed up by the time I got there, but it still took us almost 5 hours to move her less than a quarter-mile to a different apartment building in the same complex. She did provide plenty of pizza and drink, tho…although my ankle sure didn’t like walking up and down all those stairs quite yet.
  • Thursday was cleaning day at the workplace. I’m notorious for letting piles of papers accumulate on my desk, intermixed with all the desk toys anyone could want. The CEO came in and gave JManDoo and me an order to have the Development office cleaned up by the end of this week about 3 weeks ago…I’m glad to say I didn’t wait until the last day! After performing one pass to remove all of the loose paper, and sorting those papers into a “To Be Shredded” pile and a “Dispose Normally” pile, I then worked my way throughout the day disposing of the remaining items. Still have a few piles around the desk, but I think most people would now find it as sanitary and comfortable as a workplace desk could get. Now if only I could work the same magic at home! After work I’m heading back over to Incense’s apartment, need to help her assemble her Ikea dresser and share a proper meal together.

Hopefully, the upcoming weekend will be a relaxing time. Another visit to the State Fair…and I’d really like to do some biking, too. We’ll have to wait and see if the ankle continues to be happy before I’d do anything, tho. I’d rather err on the side of caution, since I don’t want to miss the 30-mile Saint Paul Bike Classic next weekend.


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