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My Ankle, My Friend

It’s been 48 hours since I did whatever I did to my ankle. I stayed off of it for most of the day yesterday, other than a leisurely mile walk around Centennial Lakes in Edina after lunch. The only real pain I felt was when I went up and down stairs, although towards the end of the day yesterday my ankle felt like a bunch of rubber bands, stretching and rubbing against each other.

This morning it seems to have healed up nicely - still a bit stiff, but no pain to speak of at all. I don’t plan on going out for a marathon, nor will I ride my bike today, but I think I’m out of the woods.

I’ve got today off of work…will I go to the fair? Will I sit on my bootay all day long? Will I come up with the answer to world peace? Stay tuned…

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Mmmm greasy Fair food... you know you want it ;O)

You playing Kickball in the fall league?


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