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BW3 = Buffalo Wild Wings?

OK, so one question has puzzled everyone I’ve asked. I’ve even queried some of the servers at the establishment in question.

Why is Buffalo Wild Wings referred to as BW3?

Of course, when you seem to have no hope of an answer you find out the answer is right in front of you. In this case, the nickname is explained on this page on their website:

“The year was 1981. Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery had recently transplanted to Kent, Ohio after living in Buffalo, New York. All was fine until one day when the two were craving wings. Not just ordinary wings, but authentic Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. Only problem was there was nowhere to get wings nearby. So Jim and Scott had two choices to satisfy their appetite: they could either make a road trip to New York or open a wing joint close to home. Lucky for us they chose the latter. Hence, the beginning of Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, now Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, the no-holds-barred grill and bar that serves up a healthy dose of fun with every batch of Buffalo chicken wings.”

What’s “Weck?” Another Google search reveals this explanation on the The Splendid Table radio show website:

“The Sterns say it’s time to forget Buffalo chicken wings. The real reason to head to the western New York State area is “the best roast beef sandwich in America” - Beef on Weck, a specialty of Buffalo taverns for years. Slices of juicy, rare roast beef and freshly grated horseradish are piled high on “kummelweck,” an unusual hard roll crusted with pretzel salt and caraway. Beef on Weck is serious stuff in Buffalo. To check it out for yourself go to Schwabl’s, a 150-year-old family business, or Charlie the Butcher’s Kitchen near the Buffalo airport.”

So, now we all know. The founders of Buffalo Wild Wings (and Weck) were missing not only their buffalo wings, but also their beef on weck. Sadly, the beef on weck isn’t on the menu any longer…so in order to experience it, looks like I’ll have to travel to western New York State.

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Dude. THANK YOU for this! I can't count the # of times I've wondered this exact same thing! :)


I thought everyone already knew that. And you call yourself a "Trivia Master." Puh-leeze!


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