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Feeling Better Than James Brown

Remember when I declared that “The Project” “handled its first real-world challenge with only minor coding changes”? Yeah, well, “The Project” had been languishing in this quasi-state of beta for the last 4 months or so. A few live users, a bunch of internal load testing and quality assurance testing.

Most of the bugs found in the beta phase have been relatively quick fixes because of the code segregation methods I followed when doing the original coding. The problem with the coding method I followed is that the “big” bugs are terribly difficult to track down…and as you might guess, the primary “big” issue was the lack of stability. There are simply so many things going on at once even with a very verbose log file it is nearly impossible to know the state of code at any one time. Compound this with the poor, poor handling of ADO calls on the part of Microsoft and you end up with one frustraited Damon.

Well, today I’m pleased to share that I officially have released code to our Operations group that has zero defects, according to the current bug reports. There are some feature enhancements still missing which are forthcoming in version 2, but every bug has been squished. They load tested it this morning…everything behaved wonderfully!

So, I turned on the celebratory christmas lights lining the office door and have been on cloud 9 most of the day. In the words of Was (Not Was), “I feel better than James Brown.”


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