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My Bubba And Me

Yesterday I got talked into going to the Great Satan by a coworker on the way back from lunch. (Regular readers/friends realize that I usually try and avoid Wal-Mart at all costs…but it was suprisingly free of the regular Wal-Mart annoyances like crying babies during this visit) While she was dropping off some film to get developed, I got to take a peek at that row that greets you when you walk in every Wal-Mart. Right there, for $5.92 I found a wonderful new drink holder, a Bubba Keg.

Picture of an orange Bubba Keg The Bubba Keg (my model does NOT have the big “20” shown here…just a plain stainless steel band) is a huge insulated mug holding 52 ounces of your favorite fluid. It promises to keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm for hours on end. I found an orange Bubba Keg, verified it was in good shape (the first orange one I picked up was cracked) and headed for the cash register.

I did some initial testing here at work. The entire top of the Bubba Keg unscrews from the body, allowing plenty of room to fill it with your favorite beverage. No complicated spigots or other hard-to-clean items on the mug…everything is easy to wash and keep clean. When the sipper is closed with the flip-top cap provided, nothing spills out of the Bubba Keg at all.

The real test was the kickball game. I loaded it up with a full tray of ice, filled it to the top with water and sealed it up around 6pm. Once I got down to the game, I sat down and enjoyed some nice cool refreshing water from my Bubba Keg. It sat out in 85-90 degree weather for a good 3 hours until our game was finished, when I carried it back to the car I could still hear some ice cubes and water sloshing about inside. Drove over to the bar, parked in the shade and went inside. Upon my return around midnight, the Bubba Keg still had a few ice cubes floating in the water.

I think the Bubba Keg is a great product…certainly performs as advertised, has plenty of capacity (but not too much, it isn’t too heavy to carry at all) and has a good design. Now only if it came with a bike attachment…

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John B.:

I really have to agree with you both about Walmart and the Bubba Keg. I have just purchased a second because my initial one broke at the top of the handle when dropped in the dark on a tile floor... ( I missed my nightstand...) MY five year old picked out the color, bright orange and now wants one of his own. (How much liquid can a 5 year old drink anyway?) I have left mine full of Ice water in my cubicle on Friday afternoon and have come back on Monday morning to find half the ice that I put in there on Friday. The only thing that bugs me is that the 52 ounce one won't fit in a car cup holder.


I got a big blue one of these for my Dad for Christmas last year as a joke. He loves it. He loads it full of coffee and keeps it with him throughout the day at work. It's just so darn huge!

sherry pittman:

could you please give me either the number,or email adress,or address to the company,i brought a 32oz.and it is leading on me,even tho it is 6.oo,but they said it wouldn;t leak
than you

sherry pittman:

But i do want you to know i really do like it,i use it all the time,i drink lots of water,and tea,i have a 34oz one



My suggestion is that they put a textured grip around the twistable lid for people with smaller hands, it is hard to get a grip. Mine does leak, haven't figured out why. Seal seams to be in place, it leaks from the side.


My advice is to never, ever, put the bubba keg in the dishwasher. That seems to be the culprit in most cases.


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