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Power...We Need More Power

I finally drifted off to sleep last night around 2am. As my eyelids began to droop, I got to watch quite the show outside as the winds and rain battered the outside the apartment window. Lightning all over, trees being whipped back and forth by the wind, it was all there.

I wake up around 6:30am. I can’t read the clock…not all that unusual in the morning, due to the light coming in the window glaring off its display. Walk over to the bathroom…the light doesn’t work! Sure ‘nuff, the entire apartment is out. I checked the only wall-powered mechanical clock I have in the apartment, on the stove, and find out the power went out shortly before 4:00am. To eliminate the possibility that the power issue was contained within the apartment (circuit breakers, etc) I opened the door to the hallway…yup, only the bright red EXIT sign illuminated the hallway.

I consider the situation for a moment. My apartment hasn’t lost power in the 2.5 years I’ve lived there…the lack of prior experience along with the early time meant I had to think a bit harder than I normally would what I should do. I turned off the entertainment center’s surge protector (no use frying the Tivo’s or receiver when that initial surge of power came back on) and turned on my reading light, pointed it at my pillow and went back to sleep.

Around 8am the power came back on momentarily, but only long enough for the light to shine in my face and wake me up…then it went back to staring at me lifelessly. (or should it be lightlessly?)

I finally woke back up around 9am, got ready for work in an apartment only lit from the overcast skies outside. Before I left, I made sure all the power switches and cables were hooked up to the servers I host out of the second bedroom, so that their resumption of service would be unhindered after the resumption of normal electrical service. I stepped out in the hallway only to be greeted by absolutely darkness. The EXIT sign had expired, but the new cell phone’s backlight lit my way to the stairwell at the end of the hall. The garage was also in absolute darkness, but the Beetle’s bright headlights revealed the path out into the open.

Once I got into work I setup my continuous ping script to alert me when the server could be reached and waited. I called the apartment manager’s office a few times throughout the day, on the off chance that the servers didn’t come back up when power was restored, but they spent most of their day in the dark as well.

Finally, at 3:53pm, the pings came back and we were in business. Red came back up with hardly any complaints…but Farmer wasn’t as happy. It still recovered, but Apache required a manual start. Now we’re all happy again…yay!


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