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Janine is FULL

A few months ago, I audited the contents of my iPod, Janine, against my collection of CDs and pulled out all of the CDs that needed to be reripped to complete the complete digitization of my CD library. I finally got down a few weeks ago to working my way through the CDs yet to be imported and watched my music library grow in size as I imported them into iTunes.

I knew it was going to be close…but with 50+ CDs left to go, Janine finally complained she had all that she could handle. The entire 40GB had been filled up at 8399 MP3s. (I rip my tunes using LAME with —alt-present standard which usually yields a 170kbps to 210kbps VBR file)

I managed to fit everything I had my using the “Only update checked songs” option in iTunes and unchecking the Holiday music and old podcasts. However, if I’m gonna squeeze in the remainder of my collection I’ll need to get the ratings in order so that I can sync based on ratings, which to me seems the best option at this point. I’ve already got a headstart on this…I’ve rated most of the music I’ve ever listened to, but there are many, many tracks I imported in my mass ripping efforts that hadn’t been listened to yet, and thus, doesn’t have a rating.

In case you find yourself in this situation…there are a few iTunes Smart Playlists I find handy:

  1. “Need To Rate”
    All songs which have been played more than once and don’t have a rating
    This playlist catches many songs which you may have listened to, but for one reason or another didn’t apply a rating to at the time. I figure, the limit of the song being played more than once means you’ve listened to it beginning to end enough to have formed an opinion…and it eliminates those songs which you may have accidentally played or were listening to in the background on shuffle.
  2. “Need to Verify”
    All songs which have a rating of 4 or 5 stars and have a playcount of zero
    This playlist gives you a chance to verify that songs which you’ve applied high ratings to really deserve them. I listen to this playlist whenever I just want to spend some time relaxing…maybe it is shortly before bed, or while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office.


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