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Kickball: Game 2

The second week of WAKA kickball was a promising outing. My team, the Lake Minnetonka Purifiers, was hot off a 12-2 blowout of the Number One Spot team from game 1. Our captain, Joshua, would finally be joining us after finishing his finals at school. All of our team would be in attendance (we only had 11 of the 17 people on the team at the first game). The outlook was incredibly hopeful.

As you might guess from above setup, this week’s game against the Godless Whores did not go as well as our first outing. We managed to pull in 5 runs, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the 6 runs the GW’s brought in. Disappointing, to be sure, but luckily we’ve got many more games yet to play during which we’ll be able to prove our unmatched kickball prowess…

The real fun came after the game. Since we played the early game, we managed to score a huge table at the league bar and we all could all sit together and “bond”. ☺ Many of us took advantage of the yummy $3.50 special for a Grain Belt and hot dog, but all manners of foodstuffs were ordered and shared. After the later games’ teams headed to the bar, they tried to get a game of “Flipcup” going, but the bar management decided they would have none of that…which meant we closed our tabs, stood up and walked down the street to William’s Pub and Peanut Bar.

The downstairs of William’s is a favorite hangout of mine before or after a show at the Uptown…and I used to go there quite a bit after each night’s improv classes that I took at ComedySportz. By the time I hit the bathroom and returned, a Flipcup battlefield had been put together and the beer shots were already being poured. I had the game explained to me 2-3 times already, yet it wasn’t until I watched a few rounds that I finally understood the point.

I must have participated in 15 rounds of Flipcup…it was quite fun. The trick is gentleness…you simply want to flip the cup over onto its mouth, rather than have it loop in the air and hope it lands the way you want. All in all, it was a great time. Word is that next week we’ll be playing “Survivor Flipcup”…I can only imagine what joy that will be.


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