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Kickball: Game 1 - The Day After

Well, the old adage, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should” certainly applies to me today.

Sure, getting to tell stories of great diving catches, lunges back towards a base after an overrun and bringing home the first game in the “Wins” column were quite ego-boosting, walking around like a crippled old man wasn’t all that great!

My muscles aren’t sore…I think I have my biking to thank for that. However, the impact of a bike ride is nothing compared to running full speed towards a base, only letting up at the last minute and having all 300+ pounds of me push down on my legs when I try to stop on a dime. It feels like each of my joints are crying out in pain today!

In other news, the Twin Cities WAKA League photos from Week 1 were posted today. Frustraiting you can’t download full resolution photos from the gallery site, but they did manage to catch quite a few great shots (including some of yours truly, as you’ll see below!)

First off, a few photos of me! (Since I know why all of you really come here and read my site!)

Photo of Damon kicking off 
Take that, you squishy red ball!

Photo of Damon arriving at first base 
You gotta slow down as you approach that base!

Photo of Damon running home 
Go for home!


Our defensive skills were amazingly good for our first game!

Photo of Amy hitting a runner with the kickball 
Amy goes for the legs and picks up an out!

Photo of James pitching 
James was our first pitcher…he made the mistake of mentioning he bowled when we were choosing our field positions…


The league photographer picked up this wonderful photo series of our temporary captain for the evening, Jodi, kicking, gaining first base and then taking off for second…



Finally, the after party at the Uptown Bar and Cafe. Not all of the team came over…but those that did not only got the $3.50 Grain Belt and Hot Dog special until 9, but posed for this photo as well:


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You weigh 300 lbs?????

Yup. Usually shocks most people when they hear that, I guess with my body type they don't really see it much.

I don't usually feel it much, either.

Congrats on an exciting game! A suggestion for your joint pain..if you have a place you can go, take a dip in a pool or hot tub (I personally prefer pools)...that will help with the joint pain. There are also some exercises you can do to help strengthen specific muscles in your joints (Knees particuarly) that should help make sure this doesn't happen as much for you. It is not all about (or even mostly) about your weight most likely...more likely it is mostly about your joints not being used to doing this kinda thing...which is something that can be fixed with some time and effort.

Let me know if you'd like more info on any of that. And good luck with your up-coming games!


Use the top of your foot when you kick in order to get more power. Toeing is inaccurate. You could also use the inside of your foot (instep, I think) like most soccer players and NFL kickers. Takes a bit of practice as it's kinda unnatural (gotta swing your leg like a golf club). As for the joint pain, most trainers use ice first. Not only does ice numb the affected area, but it reduces swelling, which speeds up the recovery process. Probably why starlitwishes goes for pools more than hot tubs (which can be used, but do it after icing). Other known pain-relieving rememdies include sleep, aspirin, and alcohol. I would recommend not doing the latter two together, though, unless you want your aches, pains, joys, pleasures, and everything else in life to go away permanently.


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