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Tivo Payback

I got my Tivo as a Christmas gift back in December 2001. Since then, I’ve convinced my Parents, Sister & Bro-In-Law, Aunt, Grandpa, Mike, coworkers and many other people to get Tivos.

When Tivo introduced the Tivo Rewards program about a year ago, I signed up and started racking up points. Got a referral from my coworkers, two from Mike, one from Grandpa.

Tivo sent me an email offering me a number of 140-hour new Series 2 Tivo units for free. (All I had to do was pay for a 12-month gift subscription or product lifetime subscription for each unit!) I’ve been pondering an upgrade to a Series 2 unit for a long, long time. My first and current unit, a Sony SVR-2000 is a Series 1 unit…allowing for a lot of hacking, but not quite as advanced as the Series 2 units sold nowadays.

I’m so excited…a brand-new toy! I can’t wait to use all the new Series 2 features, including the new custom applications people have coded, such as the iSee iTunes plugin which allows your Tivo to control Apple’s iTunes/Airport Express remotely!

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Wish I would have know about Tivo rewards sooner! We've converted a number of people, and haven't gotten credit for it.

They sent out an email when the program started to the email account you registered with when you signed up your original Tivo...otherwise I wouldn't have found out about it, either.

I'm bummed, too, as I only got credit for anyone I've converted since last October or so when the program started. Would have been nice to pick up all the credits going back to when I got my first Tivo and started showing it off to friends and family.

But, hey, who am I to complain...I'm getting something for doing what I've done anyway, spreading the Tivo gospel! :)


Congratulations! You'll love the series 2. Lots of cool stuff. :) If we would have known about the referrals when I bought the first one, you could have had the points for that one too.


I'm a TIVO believer! It's now the next thing on my "must have" list! Screw all the bulky tapes and hoping the VCR kicks in when it's supposed to (that's if I remember to program it). I also did some TIVO research and it works with just an antenna too!
Looking forward to that little noise it makes when you skip commercials! ;-)

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