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A Rollerderby Wipe-Out

OK, so it has been a week since I’ve posted.

No, I’m not dead.

I got stuck in one of those logjams again like I did a few weeks ago…all over writing up the trip to the MN RollerGirls. So, to break the logjam, I will quickly recap the experience…

  • I had an excellent time
  • We sat right on the floor, next to the rink, right on the line. While my legs suffered for it (I had just completed the Ironman Bike Ride earlier in the day) the action was awesome.
  • Got to see Cruel Ella, who commented on my post from last month’s event!
  • Also got to see Twodolla, although we didn’t recognize each other at the time.
  • Once again, buy the tickets that night…sure they are more expensive, but the line is shorter, you get in uber-quickly!

Can’t wait for next month’s season finale!

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The MN RollerGirls will be distributing awards to the best skaters on June 18 (closed awards event). You can vote for the rollergirl "Crowd Favorite" award at www.mnrollergirls.com. Deadline to vote is Wed. June 15!

Go Silver Bullets!!!

-Cruel Ella #19
Silver Bullets:: MN RollerGirls


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