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Color-Blind Descriptors of Color

Should I have to make up for color-blindness on the part of some ancient nature-surveying biologist?

JManDoo tells me that the bird outside our window is a “Red-Breasted Robin”. I explain that the bird is clearly orange in color…thus I proclaim it an Oriole. “‘cause everyone knows that Orioles are orange!”

I think I’ve finally convinced him that the bird was clearly orange in color. Beyond that, I couldn’t care less what scientific classification the bird fell into…all I know is, that bird was NOT red!

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Careful, with that kinda talk you are libel to piss off Red Headed people round the world. I've known dozens of them, and not a one of them have ever had actual red hair....they look more like....well the breast of a robin.

If color & appearances in general are simply the interpretation our brain makes from the light reflecting off of objects. Then who's to say red is red and orange is orange? Neither of which may actually exist??


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