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Texas 2005: Movin' & Shakin'
Big Brother In Da House

First off: I was rudely awakened this morning by a call from 888-587-0496. Therefore, I will rudely awaken this entry with the following message: 888-587-0496 is the phone number for the automated schedule notifier/Care Alerts for Orbitz.com. They don’t tell you this anywhere, nor do they make it available for reverse lookup on the usual sites. I’ll put this here in the hopes that the great Google may look highly enough upon this poor blog post to index the information for others to share.

The trip down to Texas this time came out of an offer to help my Sister and Bro-In-Law move from their apartment into their first house. Although they closed on the house a few weeks ago, waiting for me to visit didn’t really end up being too onerous of a wait. First, the previous homeowners ended up renting the house back from them for a few days while they finished their move out of the house. Then, the remainder of the time my Sister and Bro-In-Law spent painting many of the rooms, getting a fence installed for their dogs and doing other assorted chores best done before you need to move everything in and live in a home.

The flight on American actually went much better than I suspected. I was worried about taking a tiny little puddle jumper like the CRJ-700 but with the way it worked out it was a joy. Not only were we less than 50% full, which left me with an aisle and window seat all to myself, but the seats were roomy and the crew was fun and thoughtful.

My Sister and Bro-In-Law both came to pick me up and we were off to Chick-fil-a for lunch. They explained that they had spent all morning filling up the rental truck with the remainder of their worldly possessions (they had managed to move over many small items over the past few weeks while they had been here at the house painting and doing other prep work) and that we could relax since the truck didn’t need to be back until the next morning.

As it was, we completely unloaded the truck in less than 2 hours. Davin and I went to return the truck; my Sister drove back to their apartment for a few remaining delicate/fragile items. After she returned, we concentrated on getting the guest bedroom in order (bed up, curtains, etc) and then went out for a rewarding high-carb meal at Johnny Carino’s, then over to SuperTarget to pick up snacks and some items we needed for projects around the new house.

We finished the night watching ‘Allo ‘Allo, an old British comedy our family used to watch when my Sister and I were growing up. It was somewhat fitting to be watching it together again, sharing the fun and comedy with Davin.

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Thanks for the info on Orbitz's phone number as a reverse lookup on Google. Saved me some minutes on my bill...

Found this via Google (as you'd hoped) when I searched for that phone number. Thanks!


Thanks for posting this. I've had four calls from them today, beginning at 7:30 a.m. (on a fucking Saturday!) ... bastards!



how did you get them stop calling.


"They don’t tell you this anywhere, nor do they make it available for reverse lookup on the usual sites. I’ll put this here in the hopes that the great Google may look highly enough upon this poor blog post to index the information for others to share."

Indeed it did :)

genex [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hey there, I totally googled that phone # as it was on my mobile and found your site so your plan is working - thanks! I think we'll post it to our photography blog too to help get it out there more too.


Hey, thank you very much for the info on orbits, the assholes called me at 6:15 am when I had to be up for work at 7:00 am, I would love to know how they got my cell phone number. You have a pretty cool web blog, I normaly never read stuff like that but yours caught my attention....good work!!

Jerry C:

Just got a call 8 min. ago at 6:00 IN THE AM. WTF? What is the purpose of them calling?

Here are some more key search # for this rude call:


found this through google. Thanks for the reverse look-up post :-)


I got a 7am call...

Thanks the info


I had a 6am flight yesterday -- and they called me at 3AM to tell me that the flight was on time !!!


My wife got this call yesterday at 6:00am and 9:00am. Thanks for the information.

i got the same call from 3 A.M. in the morning. Really great they notify us..


Thanks for the post, you returned #1 on google for 587-0496. 1-888-587-0496 might help boost your post though (maybe you should update the main entry with this and the alternatives that others have suggested?).

I wish they would just send a TXT. Alas...


I had beeb awakened at 1am,3am, 4am and 7am; how to stop them? Help me!


AHHH These idiots woke me up at 3:30 on a Saturday morning. And I didn't even have a flight :(

Thanks for the Google search!


Just go to the orbitz web site and take your number off of the notification list. Thanks to your site, my husband is the one flying in Europe and I didn't know who in the world was calling at 3am--thus the google

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