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MN Roller Girls Logo About a month ago, I read about the season opener of the Minnesota RollerGirls on twodolla’s blog. That same weekend the Strib had a big front-Variety-page article on the league, its formation and the players in the league. Going to see the bout didn’t happen for a variety of reasons…but this weekend all the stars aligned and I got to go!

Driving up to Cheap Skate in Coon Rapids was a trip to the past. I remember roller-skating at Cheap Skate a bunch of times when I was younger. Years went by; I’ve since roller skated exactly once - about 7 years ago - and failed miserably. (I guess gaining 150 pounds and a foot and a half of height will dramatically affect your ability to roller skate effectively!)

Picture of rink with crowd The place was packed. (I guess a news organization that reported from the event said they had almost 1500 people in attendance) We got the tickets and found some open seats. (Hard to do, but we ended up getting them a few rows back in the far corner…and realized why they were still open since it was difficult to see the action occurring in the “main” part of the rink). Anyway, JManDoo brought his {:u}ber-camera to the event so he unpacked and started snapping away.

“Snapping away at what?” you might ask. Well, I’m not one to tell on a buddy, but let’s just say the vast majority of JManDoo’s 200 photos the next day didn’t include any of the roller girls’ heads! ;)

The action was great…and when it got boring, there were always the fights, color commentary from the announcers or the before-mentioned eye candy. It took the better part of the first half of play to get down the rules, how things were scored, etc. After reaching the plateau of roller-derby understanding, the game really got a bunch more exciting, which was perfect.

My favorite team was the Garda Belts, who won their bout in a very decisive manner. They just had the right combination of good lookin’ uniforms (fishnets and short skirts anyone?), wonderfully naughty and funny names (Ji Spot, Cupcake and Flogging Molly) and the team skills to rack up the points.

Picture of JiSpot taking down her opponent in a fight My favorite roller girl? It had to be Ji Spot…not only could she block opponents with the skill of a veteran (even tho she didn’t cross her skates around corners…but I think that just added to her stability) but when she picked a fight, she wasn’t afraid to go down disgracefully. Here she’s pictured losing a hula hoop contest which was supposed to decide which team, after a fight had broken out, would be penalized a point. After it was obvious she was going to lose the point anyway, she tackled her opponent and threw a few more swings in her direction. Priceless!

I can’t wait to go again. Sounds like there will be two more bouts yet this year. Looking for some words of advice? Get your tickets beforehand. (Have the website mail them if you need to, you DON’T want to wait in the Will Call line) Arrive early; grab some seats towards the front of the roller rink. The half time is a half-hour long…plenty of time for the bathroom lines to die down, concessions to clear out, etc. Sit back, relax…and always ask before touching a roller girl!

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Damon, thanks for coming to check out the MN RollerGirls! Here's a few more tips for your readers... most fans seem to think a majority of the "action" happens in corner 3 (the rink walls are painted with numbers... you can't miss them). And while the basic rules to roller derby are easy to understand, there is actually a much more extensive set of rules that most of our fans are unaware of. One example... if the jammer skates her way through the majority of the pack but falls down before she can get through, she has to rejam through the pack. At that time the jammer can then score a second point off of blockers if (and only if) they reengage in blocking her. As you can imagine... scoring is a tough job for our refs!

Hope you can make it out to the MN RollerGirls brunch this Sunday, April 17 at the Independent in Uptown. AND, don't forget our last two bouts of the season... April 24 and our championship bout on May 22! Check out our website for more information... www.mnrollergirls.com.

Thanks again for coming out to support us!

-Cruel Ella #19
Silver Bullets

Thank you so much for your support!!! For that I'll work harder to knock more girls off this year! and I do cross my legs now~~

Now, we are in Roy Wilkins *yay!* go to our web site and check us out again!! Of course, for Garda Belts!! http://www.mnrollergirls.com

Thanks again!!


Ji Spot #314
Garda Belts:: MN Roller Girls


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A Rollerderby Wipe-Out from Damon's Daemon
I got stuck in one of those logjams again like I did a few weeks ago...all over writing up the trip to the "MN RollerGirls":http://www.mnrollergirls.com/. So, to break the logjam, I will quickly recap the experience... [Read More]
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