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Dinner With Grandpa

I’ve written about having dinner with Grandpa before, but after tonight I just had to celebrate it again. I ended up getting out of work a bit late, so I didn’t get over there until almost 6:45. He greeted me chipper as usual; we hopped back in the warm car and drove off to dinner. Uno’s was the place of choice this week (the last few weeks we’ve been going to Applebee’s, he loves their riblets, so we thought we’d head back to Uno’s again for a change).

It never ceases to amaze me just how great of a man my Grandpa is. Not only does he have (still, at 80!) the intellectual and reasoning capacity, but he’s got such a wealth of experience to draw upon he never fails to be an entertaining and rewarding conversationalist.

Tonight’s highlights included:

  • retirement planning
  • my grandpa’s love of his new Tivo
  • oil change patterns and the whole synthetic/natural oil debate
  • the possible labor-related causes of foreign manufacturer’s larger engine oil capacities
  • the oddity of 7’1” men bringing 7’0” women as guests to church services
  • if we accept that the big bang really happened, what was here before it and, more importantly, why was there a big bang?
  • the “bump” method of lock picking
  • the wonders of a truck stop gift shop
  • arch support and heel replacement on shoes
  • the need for another family board meeting next week after my aunt returns from her tour of England
  • the home price bubble

3 hours. 3 flavored iced teas, each. (His were raspberry, mine mango) A wonderful evening all-around, once again reminding me of the joys of having such a wonderful Grandpa!

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Grandparents have such a unique role in our lives, don't they. I did not know my grandfathers very well as I was in grade school when they both passed. I did know both of my grandmothers quite well. My relationship with each was so different. My father's mother & I were very, very close - especially the last 8 years of her life. We would have deep conversations, good times, and I really just enjoyed being with her. My mother's mother did not have the same sort of relationship with me. She was more of a cross, old woman who we kids kinda feared. Not that she couldn't be sweet & kind, it was just always on her terms - and she wasn't a very child friendly sort of grandma. I used to refer to them as the cuddly gramma and the bitchy gramma.

I honestly think that bitchy gramma is probably ready to kick my ass right now in the afterlife if she could.

I've had some interesting experiences regarding my paternal grandfather too since he's been dead. It's kinda weird - but I believe that if the 4 of them were all alive today, he & I would be very, very tight. I think perhaps our personalities were a lot alike.

It's so good that you had a good night out with grandfather. Those are the kind of experiences that warm your soul. :)


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