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A Day Off After A Busy Month

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been working quite a bit more than I’m used to as of late. Therefore, I took today off from work to let my mind rest a bit.

Last month was incredibly busy at work. I knew most of it was coming - yes, I even knew that considering the stress I’d be under I’d prbly get sick, too. (I did, of course) Nevertheless, it was exhilarating to participate in such a huge project at work, seeing everyone put in the effort that they needed to in order for things to go off with hardly a hitch. We changed almost everything over the course of the previous month; almost every customer was affected. To have only one customer encounter a major issue with the change is quite a testament to the skills and hours everyone contributed to make it a success.

The rest of life has been pluggin’ along as well. The biggest surprise involved a change in the management here at my apartment building. Mary, who’s been here for over 4 years, moved next door to me just before Christmas. It was a mixed blessing - it was wonderful to know I had a responsible tenant next door to me after the previous two were so horrible. Then for Christmas I get a new surround sound system and I then I worry about disturbing her!

All of a sudden, in the middle of the second week in February, I leave my apartment to head off to work and there are 4-5 movers carrying things out of Mary’s apartment! I peer inside, see no one moving about and begin to wonder. On my drive out of the parking lot to work, I notice a huge moving van in the circle with “Northfield” written all over it. “The manager is moving out?” I say to myself incredulously.

I keep an eye out for Mary in the office, only to be disappointed time and time again. I begin to wonder if she had passed away or something similar, since it was all so sudden. Eventually I catch a glimpse of her working in the office, but that then makes even less sense. Finally, nearly 3 weeks later, just before the end of the month, posters go up inviting everyone to her going away party.

Come to find out, she bought a place down in Northfield a few months ago. She advised the management company she was moving, gave plenty of notice and thought they would make some kind of announcement to the residents about her leaving. She didn’t tell anyone in the meantime, hoping that it would be a smoother transition. When her final day approached and there was still no announcement, she took it upon herself to let all of the residents know what was going on, still not knowing who would be replacing her. She’ll be missed, for sure.

Today’s agenda has three things on it:

  • Finally finish Gumby, get it into the guinea pigs’ hands
  • Finish laundry
  • Get my haircut

Seems like a good list of things to do on a day off, doesn’t it?

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That sounds like an excellent list of things to do on a day off. But then again, it doesn't sound like any of them are blissfully fun & indulgent. So - being the bad/good influence I am, I suggest you go do something super fun! :)

See, this way, those of us who are still at work - can live vicariously through you! ;)


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