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Grade "F"

Well, I can’t really give myself passing marks for the February Project I set out on at the beginning of the month. I only made it up to the letter F, and that post didn’t even make it online until the 21st of the month.

A lack of planning was the primary issue I ran into while trying to keep up with the entries. While I had come up with the subjects for a few of the entries (of which “M”, “S”, “T” and “X” never made it online), I didn’t write any of the entries in advance. I didn’t think this would be much of an issue, considering I usually write about an entry a day. I didn’t take into consideration that my daily entries are usually far less structured than the February Project would require.

Writing up some of the entries in advance also would have been a good idea considering we had a gigantic project at work this month. Although the workload was heavy almost the entire month, February 16th - 23rd were so heavy I hardly had time to sleep:

  • Wed 16th: 7:30am - 6pm, 11pm - 4am
  • Thurs 17th: 9am - 6pm
  • Fri 18th: 9am - 6pm
  • Sat 19th: 1am - 4am, 9am - Sun 7am
  • Sun 20th: 2pm - 5pm, 8pm - 11pm
  • Mon 21st: 6am - 6pm
  • Tues 22nd: 9am - 6pm
  • Wed 23rd: 9am - 5pm

Before things got all crazy on me, I certainly did enjoy being able to get some of my thoughts written up on the site for others to react to, both privately and publicly. Maybe next year I’ll attempt the same thing, only plan things out a bit more in advance.

So, for now, back to the simple blogging I am used to doing (and love so!) and which I missed so much during February.

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I can think of a few other things you get graded an F on

I am a little sad that we won't get beyond F. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your entries so far and can't wait for more. :) Get back to making this casual & enjoyable. And I'll try & write something profound once in awhile. :) Or perhaps just pretty f-in hilarious.


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