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Feb "F"

[This entry was going to be about FAILURE, since it is now the 21st and I’m two weeks behind. I’ve only had a few spare moments over the past two weeks, limited mostly by my obscenely busy work schedule. Now that work has mostly calmed down (project done, customers happy, OK!) and I’m actually enjoying a night at home for the first time in a week, I think I will attempt to complete the task I set forth upon at the beginning of the month. The posts may not be timely, but they will be here for the sake of completeness.]


Humans are quite possibly the greatest, fastest pattern recognition machines ever to exist. Our brains are wired to recognize patterns in the world around us in such a way that it will still take many, many years for computers to rival our mind’s abilities.

We not only use this pattern recognition ability to interact with the world around us, but we also use it to make patterns in our behavior so we don’t have to cogitate about every action we take. These habits are a culmination of all the experiences we’ve had up until that moment, all sorted and connected in our minds.

While we receive a good deal of interaction with our social peers while we’re growing up, the relationships we have with our family, parents and siblings affect us in a deep, deep way. The family relational dynamic creates many, many patterns in our head.

When it comes time to form a family unit of our own, we often find ourselves guided by the patterns laid down in our childhood. You’re not only pair bonding with the person, but everything that person includes: body, mind and soul. All three of these things are patterned after the before-mentioned familial influences, so it is important to choose someone who shares a family history similar, or at least compatible, to your own. Many of my longest-lasting, most rewarding relationships were with partners who grew up in a stable, two-parent home with one or more siblings. These partners generally had a supportive family atmosphere; freedom to explore and learn; a home safe from violence, intimidation and guilt; and parental involvement throughout their childhood.


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