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Feb "B"


Many consider it the trifecta of the feminine form.

Some like all three in the large size. Some like them better in smaller sizes. Some like the combination platter.

I hadn’t given much thought to any of the three until recently. After all, I had been told since I was little I should never judge people based on things they can’t control. This list included the things you think of immediately like race, gender, sexual preference, height and weight. It also included some things you normally wouldn’t consider…such as body shape and intelligence level.

I certainly appreciated the three B’s when they were present…but I was always careful to make sure I wasn’t prejudicing my choices in partners. It wasn’t until a match on an Internet dating site point-blank asked me if I was a boob or booty man that I had to think about the situation. What did I prefer? Did I prefer one over the other? Did I even have a preference? I took a moment to talk with my friend JManDoo (who is definitely a boob man, by the way) before responding to the query. I had always dismissed his breast fetish as an insensitivity directed at women, objectifying them and their breasts. As he explained his position, he used an analogy similar to this:

“If you had the choice between an SUV and a fast car, which would you choose? Each has positives and negatives; there is no right or wrong answer. It is a preference. Life is filled with preferences. And don’t even get me started on the color!”

As I reflected on this, I realized an important distinction. There’s a difference between judging and choosing. I should not judge people I encounter in life based on their inherent qualities. I can certainly choose those people I wish to associate and carry on a relationship with on a continuing basis.

Almost all of my close friends are very intelligent. Many of my ex’s had been, too…and most, if not all, of my long-term dating relationships involved someone who I felt was of above-average intelligence. Many of the most disappointing relationships, the times I found myself getting bored, were with people who were not on the higher end of the bell-curve.

I replied to my match, after much contemplation, that I was a booty man. As luck would have it, she was particularly proud of her breasts. Which worked out just great in the end…I love being shown new ways of looking at things. :)

And now, I’m a booty, boob and brain man.


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