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89.3 / The Current's Launch

With the playing of “Music By Beethoven” WCAL, from Saint Olaf College, went off the air after 84 years…to be replaced by The Current, brought to us by MPR.

The first song was MOST excellent. Sure, some people had ideas what they wanted…Left of the Dial, Dave Matthews Band, etc. But what the staff chose was perfect. A great song, I had never heard brfore, but totally fit. This is why I’ll tune in and others will as well. That’s what radio is supposed to be about. Being exposed to new music that’s familiar but that you’ve never heard before. A DJ should MIX the tracks, one leading to another almost as if they were giving a speech.

I’m excited. I first got “into” music when KJJO was still on the air spinning some up some of the great early “Alternative” tracks. REV 105.1 came around after that and filled the void. I tried Radio K for a while, but it was too young and unpolished. Cities 97 was too old and too predictable. Drive 105 tried, and honestly was all I had to turn to, but it didn’t seem “right”. Too much repetition…and not enough variety.

I’ve heard four tracks so far. The first was awesome, a hidden track by “Atmosphere” off of their “Seven’s Travels” album. The second I didn’t like too much…but the most recent two were great. That’s what it is supposed to be about, tho. I won’t like everything…but even what I don’t like will be somehow familiar, fit with the songs played around it.

Here’s the lyrics from that first Atmosphere song…

Hidden Track by Atmosphere

Album : Seven’s Travels

It’s such a pleasure to come home, because ahh
I have a very special love for this city

(Well alright, well okay 3x)
(Well alright, well alright, well alright)

I wanted to make a song about where I’m from
You know big up, my hometown, my territory, my state
But, I couldn’t figure out much to brag about
Well, Prince lives here, we’ve got 10,000 lakes
But wait, the women are beautiful, to me they are
And we’re not infested with pretentious movie stars
Then it hit me, Minnesota is dope
If only simply for not what we have, but what we don’t
It’s all fair, it ain’t out there, it’s in there
It’s in the mirror behind the breast, under the hair

“Follow the dream” doesn’t mean leave the love
Roam if you must, but come home when you’ve seen enough
I love New York and Cali, but I ain’t moving
Too overpopulated, saturated with humans
And I’m not big on rappers, actors, or models
If I had to dip I’d probably skip to Chicago

None of this, this or this, no one, no where
Like damn I’m from Minnesota, land of the cold air
Too many mosquitoes and a fair share of egos
But, like my man Sabby says,
“That’s where my mommy stays”

So, if the people laugh and giggle when you tell them where you live
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
And, if you know this is where you want to raise your kids
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If you’re from the Midwest, and it doesn’t matter where
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If you can drink tap water and breathe the air
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”

Got trees and vegetation in the city I stay
The rent’s in the mail, and I can always find a parking space
The women outnumber the men two to one
Got parks and zoos, and things to do with my son
The night life ain’t all that, but that’s okay
I don’t need to be distracted by the devil every day
And the jobs ain’t really too hard to find
In fact, you could have mine if you knew how to rhyme

This is for everyone around the planet
That wishes they were from somewhere
Other than were they’re standing
Don’t take it for granted
Instead take a look around
Quit complaining and build something on that ground
Plant something on that ground
Dance and sleep on that ground
Get on your hands and knees and watch the ants walk around the ground
Make a family, make magic, make a mess
Take the stress, feel your motivation, and build your nest

It sucks that you think where I’m from is whack
But as long as that’s enough to keep your ass from coming back
And, with a smile and a hint of sarcasm he said,
“I beg your pardon, but this is my secret garden”

(Alright, well okay, well alright, well okay)
(In the land of ice and snow 3x)
(Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis)

So, if the people laugh and giggle when you tell them where you live
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If you know this is where you want to raise your kids
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If you’re from the Midwest, and it doesn’t matter where
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If you can drink tap water and breathe the air
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If the playground is clear of stems and syringes
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If there’s only one store in your town that sells 12 inches
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
If no one in your crew walks around with a gun
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”
And, if you ain’t gonna leave ‘cause this is where you’re from
Say “Shhh!” Say “Shhh!”

(Well alright, well okay, well alright, well okay…)

St. Cloud, Minnesota
Mankato, Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesnowta
Kansas City
St. Louis, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Boulder, Colorado
Laurence, Kansas
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Anne Arbor, Michigan
Say “Shhh!”
(Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis…)


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