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Chosen Mindful Distraction

Gravity by homokaasu.org.

There is something ultimately beautiful watching the comet streak through a moving planetfield. The graceful arcs as it flies across the screen. The joy you get when the comet enters an almost perfect orbit around one of the objects…and the excitement when you see it get pulled away from its peaceful orbit by a passing planetoid.

Save it locally using your favorite method (I prefer Page Info trick in Firefox) and you can blow it up to a full-screen version which is a joy to play, even when you’re not connected to the net.

Sure, high scores won’t be sent if you run it from your local machine. But who are you really competing against, anyway, besides yourself?

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This is a very cool game! I wish i would have known about this when I was trying to explain the conceptt hat everything has gravity and pulls toward each other to my students.

Thanks for sharing.


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