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Beginning A New Year

The only reasons I left my apartment, from 00:00:00 01/01/05 until my departure for work this morning, were related to obtaining food stuffs.

I had visitors. I slept. I ate my “Holiday” Fruity Pebbles, which I got on sale for a buck a box at Cub Foods on New Year’s Eve. I watched a little TV. I read. I spent hours updating, cleaning up and resyncing my iPod back to my central music library. I lost at Trivial Pursuit, this time to only one opponent. I listened to lots of music. I made amends with some, reconnected with others and generally feel like I’m entering the year on solid footing.

Welcome to the 2005 rollercoaster of life. Hang on for the ride; keep your hands, feet and other objects inside the vehicle at all times. If you feel dizzy or overwhelemed, close your eyes; the feeling will pass with time.


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