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On French Dressing...

Those of you who have visited a few restaurants with me already know this, but I consider myself a french dressing connoisseur. I’ve tried french dressings of all varieties…the spicy, the rich, the sweet, the thick and the runny.

Of all of the french dressings, my favorite french dressing of all time is the french dressing on Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar.

It has just enough sweetness, with a hint of tartness, to make any salad perfect.

Least, it used to be. Ruby Tuesday’s changed their french dressing about a year ago now to something incredibly yucky. It went from #1 to almost the bottom it was so horrible. The only explanation I received upon asking why they switched was that they wanted to offer a lower-carb variety for people on low-carb diets.

I lamented…why must low carb dieters affect the ability for me to obtain the most wonderful french dressing in the world! Damn them!

I eventually overcame my disappointment…but it certainly decreased the number of visits I made to Ruby Tuesday’s!

Today, the lunch gang decided to go to Ruby Tuesday’s for lunch. I reluctantly ordered the salad bar with my meal, resigned to the fact that I would have to pile on the cheese and ham in order to mask the horrid french dressing.

When I got to dressing buckets, I noticed the terrible french dressing (it looked horrible, too!) had been replaced with something which appeared to be the original favorite of mine! I poured it on the salad, raced back to the table, stabbed at my salad and lifted the fork up to my mouth. As soon as it touched my tongue, I knew they had returned the yummiest french dressing in the world to me!

This, of course, brings the rankings back into alignment. The new top 4 are:

  1. Ruby Tuesday’s
  2. Outback
  3. Mama Maria’s Italian Restaurant in North Hudson, WI
  4. The Machine Shed in Lake Elmo, MN


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