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Texas 2004: A Thanksgiving Oddessy, Day 4
Fort Worthy of a Visit

After sleeping in again today, we headed over to my Sister and Bro-In-Law’s apartment around 11. We were all incredibly hungry, so we went to Cafe Brazil. If you ever get a chance to have breakfast or lunch here, do so! The menu is amazing…I ended up getting a Chicken Tender/Corn/Cheese omelet with a side of rosemary potatoes and toast. Very yummy. Everything our party ordered came out perfectly cooked and prepared and was luscious!

After breakfast we went to do some walking around one of the many parks. We picked up my Sister and Bro-In-Law’s two dogs to bring along. Had a great walk - it was good to get a little bit of exercise in for the week.

We thought about going to see “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” but we ended up changing our mind and deciding to head over to Fort Worth for their Parade of Lights. Michelle and Davin had never been, so we didn’t really know what to expect. We got caught up in traffic, but considering we were heading for the halfway point on the parade route, we knew we had a little extra time.

We managed to find excellent parking, walked two blocks and found ourselves at the parade route. After scoping out a few locations, we found a parking garage wall with an excellent view of parade route. We ended up right down the road from the announcer’s location, so we heard the introduction for each float a bit before they made their way by us.

While the family looked on, Davin and I turned our attention to making fun of the floats as they went by us. The highlight of the evening was one of the church floats…the lights were fading in and out as they approached us. I turned to Davin and whispered, “Power is going out!” He guffawed, and I followed with a “Someone better start praying the generator doesn’t run out of gas!” Shortly thereafter, as luck would have it, they did run out of gas, leaving Davin and I with sideaches from laughter.

After the parade, we headed over to the Corner Bakery, a new upstart chain kinda like Pantera bread. We had a wonderful meal considering how busy they were and the later hour.

We headed out to take a peek at the newly lit Christmas tree in the Sundance Square, then toured the shops around the square. My Sister made our first stop Schakolad, which had a wonderful chocolate selection. I picked up some gifts there, then we headed around the square to Retro Cowboy where I picked up some more gifts for the folks back home.

After shopping, we walked back to the square. Rusty, the local paper’s mascot and stock-picking longhorn steer was out raising money for a local children’s charity. I gave him a few bucks and got some wonderfully kitschy Christmas cards to send out to friends this holiday season. :)

Considering how late it had gotten, we walked back to the car and drove home, dropping Michelle and Davin off on the way. Came back to the hotel and packed, since tomorrow after lunch we’ll be heading out and marathon driving back to MN, to arrive around 3am. Tomorrow we’ll visit the newly renovated Galleria before leaving, which will conclude the visit. May stop by the Oklahoma City National Memorial on our way back, otherwise we’ll just hurry home to our waiting winter wonderland.


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