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Texas 2004: A Thanksgiving Oddessy, Day 1
Can I Say That In Texas?

What can I say about the car trip? 15 Hours. We stopped a few times, only for food, stretching, changing drivers. I managed to play Soul Coughing’s “True Dreams of Wichita” while driving past Wichita at 3:15 in the morning. Got my Dad hooked on my iPod, he got hours to play with it in the car and I think he’ll be getting one for Christmas. When we stopped at the McDonald’s in Percell, OK, for breakfast, the family in line before us coincidentally had left Minneapolis at 5:30 the night before, just like we did, and had made identical time. How freaky is that?

The last two hours of the trip were the most stressful. I was going on my 7th and 8th hour driving and we were beseeched by a horrible horrible down pouring of rain which made it impossible to see more than 50 feet. Luckily, the sun had come up by then, which made dealing with it a bit easier, but it was still very stressful. Because I had to be on a conference call with work right as we pulled in, we swapped drivers about 20 minutes out and I had a bit of chill time before having to work the phone.

Upon our arrival, Michelle met us at the front gate to her complex, let us follow her in and we parked and exchanged hugs. I had last seen my sister back in August, so while we’ve gone longer without seeing each other before, it was wonder to see her on her own turf for a change. We went inside and had pastries (beignets, I think they were, along with hot chocolate, mmm!)

We sat around playing with their dogs, Molly and Pogo and saw the apartment. They have a beautiful place, beautiful view. Really feels like a home. Pictures all over of family, friends, their marriage, pets, etc. Really nice place.

We got to go to Chic-fil-a for lunch, it was even better than I can get at home with a much bigger selection. Yum! We then went home, Dad and I had a bit of work to do while Mom and Michelle visited. (Davin had to work today/tonight, but he’s got the rest of the weekend off!) Around 4 Mom, Dad and I left their apartment, found our hotel and checked in. We’re staying at the “Wyndham Dallas North”, so far the room is comfortable, the help has been wonderful and cheerful. All three of us unpacked, took showers.

Michelle called; we decided to go to “Babe’s”. Babe’s is a very cool and folksy restaurant. Your party is seated at a simple table, but each of them is about 6 inches away from each other, so it has a mess hall feel. You choose from 5 meats (tonight’s choices were pot roast, country fried chicken, fried chicken, fried catfish, chicken tenders) and then they haul out these huge bowls of the homemade cream corn, mashed tubers, gravy, green beans and a nice salad. Other than the meat, everything is all you can eat. We each got a different meat (I got the country friend chicken, my sis the chicken tenders, my Mom the catfish and my Dad the chicken) and shared that a bit, too.

During dinner, I was trying to calm my sister after a potentially sharp tease directed in her direction and said in an “inside” voice that “I’m a sensitive guy…I can hug a man and not have it make me any less of a man”. She immediately turns to me and utters, “You can’t say that in Texas…there are conceal/carry laws here!” This became the catchphrase of the night…I would ask her all kinds of asinine questions about everyday things phrased like, “Can you _______ in Texas?”

Afterwards, we went and picked up a showing of “The Incredibles”. The theatre was great…even tho they did mention at the beginning of the show, “Please place any refuse at the end of the show in the white trash receptacles on your way out of the theatre” We all found that utterly hilarious. As for the movie, it was excellent. I had heard good reviews from friends, but even with those slightly heightened expectations it totally surpassed them. It is a bit darker than other Pixar films have been, I think, indeed there is human death in this…even human death at the hands of the heroes of the story. Maybe this means that after Pixar’s split with Disney we’re gonna see them going at more of the adult market? That would be an interesting strategy…are adults willing to accept such a film as more than children’s fare?

Now I’m back in the hotel room, need to be up at 7:00am tomorrow so I can meet Michelle and Davin tomorrow morning at 7:30 so we can go to Central Market and pick up some things for the Thanksgiving feast. Should be fun…they have only incredible things to say about Central Market, it will be interesting to finally see it. Off to sleep…


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