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9.5 Hours

Well, after I made the decision at noon today that the Durand Family Turkey Day was still going on I finally got myself cleaned up and going around 3. Made my way over to Bed Bath & Beyond for some supplies, then over to Cub for the foodstuffs. Found everything but the vegetable stock and french bread at Cub, which is about par for the course. (Had the same problems with this two years ago, the last time I produced this event) After driving around to a few stores, I once again found the remaining items at Byerly’s and I was good to go.

After dinner, I came home and set to work. Tonight’s items included the white roux for thickening the turkey drippings into gravy, the orange-cranberry dipping sauce and the brine creation.

Everything was going well until I went off recipe and did something very silly…ended up smashing the cranberries in the pan before they were done reducing. I didn’t think this would be a problem, but it created a problem under the surface. The smashed cranberry husks had stuck to the bottom of the pan, then burned themselves with a sugary glue to said bottom. When I took the cranberries off to puree them, I ended up hand blendering the burned husks off the bottom and into the gelatinous mass of cranberries, basically ruining the entire batch and my stainless steel stockpot. After a few reboils of just plain water, I was able to scrap free most of the burned on cranberries, but by then it had gotten too late to attempt another batch. (I was out of cranberries at this point as well, which would have necessitated another trip to the grocery store) Considering myself lucky that I had saved the cooking vessel, I put the odds of a dipping sauce being on the table significantly. I might run out tomorrow morning while the turkey is brining and pick up some more cranberries and do it again, but I highly doubt I’ll have time. Oh well.

I finished the brine and got it in the refrigerator to cool. Off to bed I go…need to be up in four hours to start the turkey. Ugh.


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