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Toothache Solved (Sorta)

Went into the dentist this morning to have my toothache looked at by a professional. I decided to go to the Park Dental in Edina; they had a cancellation so I grabbed a 10:00am appointment with Dr. Berg. I had gone to the Park Dental in Eagan for my crown, so I thought it would be handy to stay within the system so that my records would transfer over.

Got in, had to fill out all the new patient forms anyway. I’m guessing this is just a precaution, as I know they could access my old records so they could call me about the cancellation. (I hadn’t given them my phone number when making the original appointment) Mandy was the assistant who walked me back. A few x-rays later they had pinpointed the cause of my pain…had an infection inside the root of my #7 tooth had spread up and down my jaw and in the soft tissue. They were rather taken aback by how advanced the progress was considering the pain had only started yesterday around noon.

I’ve never really had a lot of dental work done…my teeth are generally in pretty good shape. I had one filling about 10 years ago, another couple of fillings about 4 years ago and then the crown on my rear molar 2.5 years ago. When I heard root canal I began to get a bit concerned…everyone seems to dread them, and considering my pain tolerance being so low I was worried what I had gotten myself into. Dr. Berg had really good chairside manner, explained what he was gonna do, showed me the x-rays and then added in a little humor to relax me a little. The worst pain was the novocain injections…after that it was just listening to the drill and hearing the file sliding against my tooth enamel.

After the root canal was done and the temporary filling in place I still had quite a bit of tenderness in my gums. Dr. Berg decided to slice open the gums to allow the infection to drain a little bit quicker. The taste was awful…luckily, Mandy was ready with her suction and got most of it out before it got too bad. I left with a bunch of gauze rolled up in my mouth where the incision had been made. I took the prescriptions over to Target, picked up some soup and waited for the prescription to be filled.

(Warning, vile details ahead)

On my way out to the car I began to shiver…mostly in my jaw, but my body began to shiver as well. I turned on the heat, warmed myself up and drove to work. Once I got to work, my shivering continued…I realized I needed to get some water and food in me ASAP.

I started telling my story to my coworkers; about how unexpected the root canal was while I cooked up my soup and drank a bunch of water. Got back to my desk, took a sip of the soup and put it to the side. It just didn’t taste right. I swallowed my painkillers and amoxicillin, tho, and tried to get to work.

Had a meeting at 1, which I forced to be moved when I couldn’t make it in this morning. I began preparing for the meeting…when all of a sudden I exploded. This awful brown liquid came shooting out of my mouth, all over the laptop and desk. When the second urge kicked in, I managed to grab the trashcan and direct it in there. Sadly, JManDoo and another coworker got first row tickets to this amazing display. This is the first time in my adult life I’ve thrown up…I hope it is the last time. I wiped down the laptop and desk, packed up and came home. On my way home, I called up the dentist and asked for an alternate antibiotic.

He wasn’t sure if it was an allergy to the antibiotic or if it was because I had swallowed so much blood and infectious material from the gum incision, but he thought getting a second antibiotic would be a good idea nonetheless. I came home, ended up napping for a few hours.

I’m hoping that the pain will subside as the good doctor told me it would over the next few days as the antibiotics kick in. Ouch.


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