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Dot Matrix Printers

I went grocery shopping and it made me pine for the days of my Apple IIe/IIgs, Paint Shop and my ImageWriter II. The receipt printer used at the grocery was an old impact printer type. Made me think of the old dot matrix printers we used when I was growing up.


Well, back in the good old days of computers you had these dot matrix printers which used “Continuous Tractor Feed” paper. Those of you who are old enough to remember Apple IIe’s and Apple IIgs’s don’t need any more explanation, I’m sure. For those who don’t remember these, the paper looked kinda like this:

The dot matrix printers of the time produced really lackluster output in comparison to today’s ink jets or laser printers. However, the continuous paper had one big advantage.


When I was growing up, it didn’t seem like any welcome home gathering or birthday would be complete without a banner being printed and put on display. Unless you chose the “Outline” font in Print Shop, you’d usually use a ribbon up by doing this. Of course, your ribbons usually ran you all of a few bucks to replace. (Compare that to today’s 30-some bucks for each inkjet refill!)

I miss those banners. I’ve got my old Apple IIgs sitting here next to me, along with my old ImageWriter II and Print Shop GS. I’m thinking I may set it up just to print out a few banners for old time’s sake.

Now to find a ribbon which hasn’t dried out.


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