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The Morning After

Lessig writes:

“Bush has won the popular vote. And it would take a freak of nature to imagine the 220,000 provisional ballots would fall strongly enough to shift Ohio. He will win the College. He is our President legitimately, and credibly.

Our criticism of this administration must now focus narrowly and sharply: on the policies, not on the credibility of the man.”

I couldn’t agree more. While I let go of the credibility thing a long time ago, it seems like most of the president’s critics would all too often fall back on the “he wasn’t really elected” in order to prove their point. I hope that this election will silence the criticism and now we can get down to the business of a real political debate.

What shouldn’t come out of this election is the belief by anyone that they have a mandate. I heard a Republican speaker, when boasting that Bush has received the most popular votes ever in an election, that he had some kind of mandate from the people to pursue his policies. Let’s get this straight - the electorate is narrowly divided. And while I’m not advocating four years of idleness, we do need to figure out WHY we’re so divided and figure out what kind of country we want to become.

We risk turning into a country of polarized voices; where everyone is so concerned with standing their ground rather than coming together towards common goals using rational thought and spirited discourse. I’m fairly liberal when it comes to my political views, but I fully respect thoughtful conservative voices who interpret facts in a different way than I do. This is more of what we need - not entrenching ourselves in the mud, unwilling to give any ground else our beliefs become weak.


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